Brigadier Mu2 Timber - The Miranda Review

The Rebel Alliance sits upon a knife edge.  In a briefing room, every last available pilot stands to attention, trying hard to look anything other than panicked.  A moon-sized space station is moving silently through space, orbiting the gas giant Yavin, waiting for the moon identified as Yavin IV, the Rebel Home Base, to rise on its horizon.  When that moment approaches... boom.  The pilots, though barely able to realise it, have a sliver of hope.  The briefing comes to the critical point:
"The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system."
A young farmer from Tatooine, evidently a talented and capable pilot, wasn't phased.  A whole two meters?  Easy.  "Like bullseyeing Womp Rats in Beggar's Canyon."  Never mind that the two meters was somewhere on the surface of a moon-sized station, buried in a trench littered with auto-cannons all programmed to blow him and his small ship to oblivion.  That two meters was all he'd need.
Brad Serhan is, in a handful of ways, a lot like Luke Skywalker.  He doesn't need a vast canvas to paint his acoustic masterpiece; he doesn't need more than two meters to destroy the Death Star; just a compact little bookshelf speaker and a good ear for tuning phenomenal crossovers.
The newest version of Brigadier's formidable Mu2 is the ultimate expression of the design.  It combines a timber exterior with a new point-to-point wiring crossover.  The new timber exterior adds not only a cleaner, prettier look, but opens up the bass to a surprising degree.  It almost defies explanation how much of a change in sound can be put down to changing the last centimeter or so of material in the cabinet, yet here we are.
A true side-by-side comparison with the standard (black) Mu2 would be very, very interesting.  I had to make do with a very brief changeover period and a more serious listen to the new timber model over the following days.
The initial impression was, honestly, amazement.  Brad had blown up the Death Star.  A pair of diminutive cabinets were producing sound across a massive frequency range with an ease and fidelity I just didn't expect.  I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a little extra bass at the bottom that these little drivers weren't quite getting to, but I just didn't care.  Even having heard the Mu2 in its standard finish with the "Hotrod" crossover upgrade, I felt as though the change to timber granted the speakers a more engaging sound that drew me into the music and held me there, transfixed.
I couldn't help but try a broad spectrum of songs.  From the solemn vocal and perfect mic placement of The Decemberists' "Carolina Low" to the finger-clicks and driving bass line of Arcade Fire's "Porno"; from the sparse and gorgeous instrumental soundscape of Jon Hopkins' "Immunity" to the noisy, triumphant horns of Apparat's "PV".  I threw on some current favourites: Miya Folick's "Thingamajig" and Archie Faulks' "It Rains" to round out the listen, and could find no fault.  Nothing that pulled me out of that excellent soundstage.
The treble is present but never cutting or jarring.  At any volume, I never felt the need to back off or change track, even when a piece was rife with sybilant hiss on the vocal due to cheap microphones or a deaf engineer.  The mid tones are rich and involved and have a real sweetness that is a strength of the crossover.  Voice was precise and the guitar, bass, piano and breadth of other instruments always fell behind the speakers, as though the stage was laid out before me.  The bass (oh, the bass!) was realised with an ease and clarity that made you crave more music to try.  It was both surprising in its depth (they really are a small speaker) and powerful but not boomy in the delivery.  The porting is absolutely spot on - give them some breathing room and let them run free.
A handful of customers having an afternoon stickybeak tried and failed to "Guess which speakers are playing!", almost all believing larger, more expensive neighbours must have been responsible for the sound.  It confirmed my suspicion that I wasn't alone in becoming an immediate fan of the Mu2 at first listen.  There were more than a few converts to the Rebel Alliance on that day, and the several days that have followed.
The Mu2 is available now, made to order, in timber for $6,999 and the standard black gloss for $5,999.
18 January, 2019 by Angus Perry

SoundCast VG1 - The Most Metal Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is super grunge.  It's heavy, dark, and has a dankness that says "whatever" to your parents...
15 December, 2018 by Alex Young

End of Year Anthem Special

It's the end of yet another year and we all know what that means - big sales on lots of fun stuff! Anthem have long been one of the best producers of home audio electronics, their reputation built on years of releasing the most sought after amplifiers and AV receivers, with a little like and speed you'll grab one during this sale.




Sale Price










AVM 60



15 December, 2018 by Cade Dunbar

Loewe Christmas Special

We're currently running a great deal on our Loewe TV's. Any customer who buys a Loewe BILD 3.65 OLED TV will receive a free BILD 1.32 TV (Valued at $1299). Whether you're feeling particularly giving this Christmas period, or would just like a telly for your shed, this deal is for you. The offer is available while stocks last, so if you're interested make sure to place an order as soon as possible.
14 December, 2018 by Cade Dunbar

Sony Summer Projector Promotion

Sony Summer Projector Promotion

Sony are running a fantastic promotion between the 6th of December and 14th of January. Purchase the Sony VPL-VW270ES and receive a free Sony 43" Smart TV and Wireless headphones or the VPL-VW570ES and receive a free Sony 43" Smart TV via redemption.

10 December, 2018 by Michael Babb

New Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series announced!



Bowers & Wilkins have just announced an update to their immensely popular 600 series. B&W have finally retired kevlar in their lineup and is now fully represented by Continuum. This news has us very excited as we are massive fans of the new Continuum drivers that B&W have developed and as a result are some of the most musical speakers we have heard.

Here's what B&W has to say about the new range: "The 600 Series has been one of the most successful and highly regarded ranges in the Bowers & Wilkins portfolio for over 20 years, offering a class leading combination of exceptional performance and compelling value. Through five generations of 600 Series, Bowers & Wilkins engineers have raised the bar successively on what could be accomplished with modestly priced loudspeakers each time achieving greater worldwide critical acclaim and commercial success.

In October 2018, the sixth generation of 600 Series goes on sale. Offering a considerable improvement in capability over the outgoing range, new 600 Series makes high end sound quality more attainable and accessible than ever. This dramatic performance is enabled by advanced technology including, most notably, the adoption of the Continuum cone, first developed for the 800 Series Diamond range and recently introduced to the new 700 Series. This will provide the new 600 Series with the performance improvements it needs to remain class leading and will also ensure its visual and technical alignment with the 700 Series and 800 Series Diamond range.

Available in matte black or matte white and featuring the most accurate and transparent drive unit technologies in its class, the new 600 Series defines a new performance standard in its category.

Technically speaking, the new 600 Series an updated version of the acclaimed Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter, first seen in the outgoing range, for even clearer and more accurate high frequency performance. In the flagship 603, this technology is partnered with a new 165mm FST Continuum cone mid driver for midrange resolution unheard of in this price range. Completing the 603 package and ensuring rich, powerful bass response, 603 features a pair of our newly designed 165mm paper cone LF drivers. In 606 and 607, new generation Continuum mid/bass units usher in a new era of transparency, dynamics and sheer energy for speakers in this class."

The new line-up includes

  • 3-way system
  • 25mm aluminium Decoupled Double Dome tweeter
  • 150mm Continuum midrange driver
  • 2x 165mm Paper-Cone bass with anti-resonance plugs

RRP: $2,699/ pair
Finish: Matte Black, Matte White

  • 2-way system
  • 25mm aluminium Decoupled Double Dome tweeter
  • 165mm Continuum bass / midrange driver

RRP $1,149/ pair
Finish: Matte Black, Matte White

  • 2-way system
  • 25mm aluminium Decoupled Double Dome tweeter
  • 130mm Continuum bass / midrange driver

RRP $949/ pair
Finish: Matte Black, Matte White

  • 2-way system
  • 25mm aluminium Decoupled Double Dome tweeter
  • 2 x 130mm Continuum bass/midrange drivers

RRP $799/ each
Finish: Matte Black, Matte White

The ASW608, 610 and 610XP subwoofers receive an updated black finish plus a revised grille cloth on white products, matching new 600 Series loudspeakers. Technology remains unchanged from the outgoing models.



21 August, 2018 by Michael Babb

New B&W Prestige Editions

Bowers and Wilkins have announced a new 800 series Prestige Edition. Available in both the 802D3 and 805D3, these two new models are now finished in a premium Santos Rosewood finish. This new finish takes approximately 40% more time to finish than the standard finishes, which amounts to an extra 4 weeks. With 13 coats of lacquer to really bring out the grain and colour within the wood, these are set to become some of the prettiest looking speakers available. They will remain sonically identical to the standard editions, which is great because the 802 and 805 are some of the best sounding speakers at any price point. Pricing will be available soon. If you are interest in grabbing a pair, drop us a line today on 02 6247 4844 or come visit us in store.

13 August, 2018 by Michael Babb

So magnets are pretty rad!

It finally is here, it exists, its real, and it's hella cool.

All of the things we were promised in early sci-fi movies are coming to life and its awesome.

The new MAG LEV magnetic levitation turntable has finally landed at Miranda Hifi and our inner 8 year old selves could not be any more giddy if we tried. The MAG LEV ML1 features a fully levitating platter with electronic speed controller which allows you to swap between 33.3 and 45 RPM with ease. As it uses electromagnets speed control is very good and stable and platter stability is very good too and in turn removes the whole platter vibration issue. As with all turntables though, keep cats, footballs and small children away...

It utilises a 9" Project carbon tonearm so it is nice and stiff and light, and is semi-automatic. It will auto lift at the end of the record, no return though and it requires manual cueing.

Cartridge duties are taken care of by the workhorse Ortofon OM10. Whilst this will get you going, to really get the best out of it, we strongly recommend an upgrade to one of the 2M or preferably Quintet range.

So come on down to the store and marvel at the wonders of magnets, because magnets.

25 July, 2018 by Michael Babb

PSB M4U8's have Landed!

The PSB M4U2's have been our best-selling headphone of the last five years, but now his younger, and flashier brother is on the block. The M4U8 takes all that was great about its predecessor, and combines it with the bells-and-whistles of today! With full aptX Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling, a bit of a face lift, and a general improvement to the sound, it has proven to be a sturdy upgrade.

Come in and give them a listen, or read more about them here

06 July, 2018 by Cade Dunbar

Loewe TV's now in store!

We have received our demo units for the 5.55 Bild OLED and the 1.40 Bild LCD. All Loewe TV's are made in Germany and offer world class image quality. Come see us in store for a demo of the finest TV's on the market.

For stock availability give us a call on 02 6247 4844 or use the contact us button at the bottom of the page.

05 June, 2018 by Michael Babb
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