Massive Isotek Redemption Offer


Any purchase of participating brands of products with RRP value of $599 or over qualifies you for a FREE Isotek upgrade.


For full terms and conditions, or to register your purchase for a free redemption, visit the Electric Summer website.


20 November, 2020 by Angus Perry

25% Off all PS Audio Powerplants!

25% off all models of PS Audio PowerPlants
Strictly limited stock, limited time only.

All models of PS Audio PowerPlants are now 25% off. Strictly limited stock, limited time only.

Our distributor has secured a limited number of sale units from PS Audio, once stock is sold the offer will no longer be available.

06 October, 2020 by Alex Young

Pre-order new Denon AV Receivers

The new Denon AVC-X4700H and AVC-X6700H are about to hit our shores and we are assured they're going to be fantastic! If you want to be among the first lucky owners in Australia be sure to get your pre-order in ahead of their arrival by hitting the Add to Cart button on the product pages on our webstore, then we'll ship one to you as soon as they arrive!

Denon AVC-X4700H - $3499

Denon AVC-X6700H - $6199

07 August, 2020 by Alex Young

Friday evening change to opening hours

Hi all, as of next week we'll be changing our Friday night opening hours from 7pm close to 5:30pm close. We'll go back to normal on the other side of the crisis!
03 April, 2020 by Alex Young

Polk Signature Tower Promo

For a limited time the good people at Polk Audio are giving away a free wireless powered speaker -  the Polk Assist Smart Speaker, valued at $299 - with every purchase of a pair of tower speakers from their Signature range! Get in touch if you'd like to hear a pair, the Signature speakers are amazing value for money, they sound great!
20 March, 2020 by Alex Young

New PS Audio Products

The good folk in Bouder Colorado have been very busy it seems. They have just released the new PS Audio Stellar Phono amp, which we absolutely adore for the record and on top of that they have announced a couple of new products also for the Stellar line.

Stellar M1200 Monoblock Amplifiers

1200 Watt Vacuum Tube Input Power Amplifier Monoblocks


Rated at 600 Watts into 8Ω and a whopping 1200 Watts into 4Ω, the M1200 combines the best of two worlds: ultra-linear, high-current, ICE Edge Class D technology for the output stage; and a discrete, Class-A vacuum tube for the all-important input stage. The M1200’s rich, warm, and beautifully nuanced reproduction of music comes first from the zero feedback, class A vacuum tube input stage. Here nothing is lost in its hand-selected 12AU7 vacuum tube, fed from its own analog power supply.
Available May 2020.

Stellar Strata Integrated Amplifier

Integrated amplifier with built-in DAC, and WiFi / Ethernet streaming

The Stellar™ Strata™ combines the benefits of an exceptional analog preamplifier, a full-featured state-of-the-art DAC, a stereo 200 watt per channel power amplifier, and a high-resolution streaming module in one gorgeous package. Just add speakers. Have your own source? No problem. Strata offers 3 analog and 5 digital inputs to connect whatever source you need. Strata’s fully balanced analog preamplifier circuitry, state-of-the-art DAC, no compromise high-definition streamer, and Analog Cell™ based power amplifier create an extraordinarily rich, full-bodied musical experience few products can match. The Stellar Strata is the perfect foundation for those unwilling to compromise sound quality. Rich. Lush. Powerful. A music lover’s answer to spiraling cost-no-object equipment without sacrifice.

Release to follow soon after M1200 Monoblocks.

07 March, 2020 by Michael Babb

New Sonus Faber Olympica Nova range

Sonus Faber have announced a brand new range of speakers, the Olympica Nova.

In the constant pursuit for advancement, Sonus faber has reinvented the collection that embodies the company’s stylistic manifesto, and which has contributed to building its identity internationally. This is how Olympica Nova was born - a revolutionary new range and true tribute to its predecessor, the original Olympica range. Characterised by the latest technologies melded with Sonus faber's artisanal craftsmanship, Olympica Nova adds a new dimension to the ‘Made in Italy’ history of Sonus faber.

Olympica Nova is where experience meets elegance. It is the distillation of our identity: Olympica Nova is Sonus faber.

While the new Olympica Nova embraces a design inspired by the original series, there is a trove of freshly developed technologies, from completely new drivers and crossovers, to a new real wood cabinet structure and internal volume tuning, together with a new exterior look. Of the seven models in the collection, three are all-new to the Olympica Nova line, including an on-wall model, a third and more powerful floor-stander (Nova V), and a larger center channel (Center II).

06 September, 2019 by Michael Babb

New Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series

On Monday, Bowers & Wilkins unveiled the new Formation range. With both the familiar and unfamiliar, this new range is sure to appeal to B&W fans new and old. The range consists of a soundbar, a subwoofer, streaming hub, powered bookshelf speakers, and the 'Wedge', which is a bit like their Zeppelin speaker, with the addition of corners and a fancy face lift.

As of right now we have no official indication of price for Australia, however, the US pricing gives us a general idea (however, don't expect an even USD to AUD conversion)

We're very excited about this range, and hope to get it in the shop soon!

For more information head to

27 April, 2019 by Cade Dunbar

Exciting New Rotel Packs

We've put together four great Hi-Fi packs for varying price points.


Starting at the entry level is the Rotel A10 amplifier and Project Speakerbox 5. It can be paired with either the Rotel CD11 or Project Essential III, or alternatively, both. This package is perfect for those looking to get into Hi-Fi. 

CD System 1
Turntable System 1

Next up is the Rotel A11 amplifer and Project Speakerbox 5 S2. Again with the choice between a CD player or a Turntable, the Rotel CD11 or the Project Debut Carbon. The A11 offers a bit more power, as well as a greatly improved power-supply so it can handle more demanding speakers. Bluetooth is also added. The Speakerbox 5 S2's have an upgraded tweeter, crossover and cabinet for greater detail and presence. The Debut Carbon is the number one selling Hi-Fi turntable worldwide and for good reason.

CD System 2
Turntable System 2

Our next pack features the Rotel A12 amplifier, the same Speakerbox S2's but moves up to the Rotel CD14 and Project Debut Carbon Esprit. The Rotel A12 has substantially more power behind it, and again, an upgraded power-supply, with the brilliant addition of a built-in DAC. The CD14 improves the CD mechanism as well as an improved power-supply and output stage. The Debut Carbon Esprit comes with an acrylic platter for superior vibration suppression and an electronic speed controller for pitch perfect speed.

CD System 3
Turntable System 3

Lastly is the range topping Rotel A14 amplifier and Speakerbox 5 DS2. Source is handled by the Rotel CD14 or the outstanding Project 1xpression Carbon Classic. The Rotel A14 features a 32bit Asahi Kasei DAC which is just perfect for Hi Res audio. Along with the upgraded DAC is a more powerful amplifier and power-supply to handle load required for the Speakerbox 5 DS2's. 

CD System 4
Turntable System 4

If you would like to listen to any of these packs drop on down and see us. If you would like to order these but wish to change the configuration, do not hesitate to use our Contact Form or call us on 02 6247 4844

15 March, 2019 by Michael Babb

Rega Planar 8 Review

Brought to you by The Ear

A few years ago Rega set out to build the ultimate turntable, they looked at completely new ways to create a plinth with massive stiffness and negligible weight and used technology from F1 and aerospace to create the Naiad, the only cost no object product the company has ever built. The research that was done for that project proved to be invaluable for the development of more affordable turntables, the first one to really benefit was the RP8 launched five years ago. This was the first Rega to be built around a foam cored plinth cut down to skeletal form to keep the weight as low as possible. It didn’t always look skeletal because the removable surround gave it a conventional rectangular appearance, its real purpose was to provide hinge points for a lid. With the Planar 8 Rega have abandoned this approach and built an entirely skeletal turntable, their first unless you count the rare as hen’s teeth Naiad.

What’s more surprising is that the new plinth is a different shape to the RP8 (and likewise the RP10), presumably the decision to live without a lid and the requisite support gave Rega complete freedom in this respect. All a turntable plinth needs is a means of fixing the armbase, main bearing and motor plus legs placed such that it stays upright. The Planar 8 plinth is smaller than an RP8 and thus sheds a few grams but there must be another reason for the change. Those of a cynical bent it might think that the change away from an outer plinth was done to keep costs down, which is not a problem in my book. The RP8 maintained its £1,598 price point for five years during which time costs must have risen. It was incredibly good value in my book, easily the best turntable you could buy for the money so margins couldn’t have been that big in the first place...continue reading here

Check out pricing and specs here

15 March, 2019 by Michael Babb
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