B&W 700 Series 2 is on its way!

We are expecting the first shipment in the next few weeks, most certainly on the better side of November. The critically acclaimed 700 series has been brought back with vengeance. Replacing the incredible CM S2 range, the 700's have implemented technology both straight from the 800 series, as well as never before seen Bowers & Wilkins technology.

Pre-orders are available (and encouraged) if you are looking for an impressive addition to your system as soon as possible! Visit the shop or call us at (02) 6247 4844, or alternatively use our Contact Form tool.

We have the range on our website, and you may view them here:

B&W 702 S2
B&W 703 S2
B&W 704 S2
B&W 705 S2
B&W 706 S2
B&W 707 S2
B&W HTM71 S2
B&W HTM72 S2


29 September, 2017 by Cade Dunbar
Tags: News
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