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Here at Miranda Hi-Fi we believe everyone should have access to great music regardless of what your budget is, so we've assembled some great HiFi packs for all you quality audio lovers out there. Whether you are into vinyl, or one of those "old fashioned" types who still uses CD's we've got you covered.

Starting at the entry level is the Rotel A10 amplifier and Project Speakerbox 5. You can pair it up with either the Rotel CD11 or Project Essential III, or both (just ask us if you wish to order online). This setup is perfect for those who are just starting out with their first real Hifi system. It is a wonderful sounding system that is effortless and musical with plenty of depth and body.
CD System 1
Turntable System 1

Next up is the Rotel A11 amplifer and Project Speakerbox 5 S2. We've paired this with the matching Rotel CD11 or the venerable Project Debut Carbon with 2M Red stylus. The amp has a smidge more power, but a greatly improved power-supply so it can handle more demanding speakers. Bluetooth is also built in to this amp. The Speakerbox 5 S2's have an upgraded tweeter, crossover and cabinet for greater detail and presence. The Debut Carbon is the number one selling Hifi turntable worldwide and with good reason. It is accurate and has an amazing warmth and body to it.
CD System 2
Turntable System 2

Our next pack features the Rotel A12 amplifier, the same Speakerbox S2's but moves up to the Rotel CD14 or the Project Debut Carbon Esprit. The Rotel A12 has an even bigger amplifier and power-supply as well as an integrated Wolfson DAC. Wolfson have built a great name for themselves in the Hifi world as making great sounding DACs that never fatigue. The CD14 improves the CD mechanism as well as an improved power-supply and output stage. The Debut Carbon Esprit takes everything amazing about the standard Debut Carbon and makes it better. It now comes with an acrylic platter for superior vibration suppression and an electronic speed controller for pitch perfect speed.
CD System 3
Turntable System 3

Lastly is the range topping Rotel A14 amplifier and Speakerbox 5 DS2. Source is handled by the Rotel CD14 or the outstanding Project 1xpression Carbon Classic. The Rotel A14 features a 32bit Asahi Kasei DAC which is just perfect for Hi Res audio. Along with the upgraded DAC is a more powerful amplifier and power-supply to handle load required for the Speakerbox 5 DS2's. These speakers belie their size. Detail in abundance thanks to the upgraded tweeter and a cabinet that assists in giving a full rounded sound that is toe tappingly musical in nature. The Turntable has an improved tonearm, and rather heafty metal platter and premium finish that you can stare at for days.
CD System 4
Turntable System 4

If you would like a demo on any of these please feel free to drop on down and see us. If you would like to order these but wish to add both sources or mix and match please do not hesitate to use the contact us form or call us on 02 6247 4844

15 March, 2019 by Michael Babb
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