Wireworld Ultraviolet USB Cable




Ultraviolet USB utilizes the same advanced design as the Starlight USB, but with less silver to save cost. The cable’s unique flat profile is only 3mm thick, for extreme flexibility and easy concealment. Ultraviolet’s surprising musicality proves that Wireworld’s superior designs produce the best value and sound quality in USB audio cables.

Wireworld's Symmetricon® design utilizes 4 signal conductors to create 4 efficient paths for electromagnetic energy; twice as many as conventional USB cable. The Ultraviolet 7 also features Compolisex® 2 insulation technology to control electrostatic energy.

Another special feature of all Wireworld USB audio cables is a shielded, noise absorbing power conductor that is isolated from the signal conductors for cleaner power and the ultimate in sonic purity.

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"If you're serious about using a computer as a source of music, you need to try one of these""the Ultraviolet becomes a compulsory audition, if not an automatic purchase."Untraviolet USB, What Hi-Fi S&V, August '09

The Ultraviolet USB exceeds the USB2.0 High Speed specifications.


Conductor type:

Silver-plated oxygen-free copper