McIntosh MCD550


Brand McIntosh

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Rediscover your valuable CD collection with the MCD550. This high performance SACD/CD player has everything you need for hours of listening enjoyment.
The MCD550 utilizes an 8 channel, 32 bit, 192kHz PCM/DSD digital to analog converter (DAC) with wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion. The 8 channel DAC is used in Quad Balanced mode, which utilizes 4 DAC channels per audio channel, allowing music at all levels to be reproduced with extreme precision and elegance. It can decode PCM signals from CDs and the digital inputs, and DSD signals from SACDs.
Both fixed and variable balanced and unbalanced outputs are present, offering you extreme flexibility in connecting the MCD550 to your system. The variable outputs allow for direct connection to an amplifier without requiring a separate preamplifier. Also available are three digital inputs: a coaxial, an optical and a USB input that allows for direct streaming of computer stored music at up to 24 bits and 192kHz. Coaxial and optical outputs are available if you want to send the audio signal to a preamplifier or home theater processor.
Our new High Drive headphone amplifier features increased gain and output power, and is optimized for virtually all headphone types for the ultimate personal listening experience. The MCD550 reads your discs at a higher speed and stores the data in a buffer memory for better error correction and tracking, thus increasing overall audio performance. On the back are gold plated connectors that help maintain a clean audio signal and also resist corrosion. The classic McIntosh black glass faceplate is wrapped in a beautiful stainless steel chassis.

  • High performance SACD/CD player with three digital inputs: coaxial, optical and USB.
  • Variable balanced and unbalanced audio outputs allow for direct connection to a power amplifier, eliminating the need for a separate preamplifier.
  • New style headphone output will power all headphones from small ear-buds to over-the-ear studio types with the very best fidelity.
  • Asynchronous, high speed USB 2.0 audio input allows direct streaming of computer stored audio files.
  • Quad Balanced, low distortion, 32 bit, 192kHz PCM/DSD digital to analog conversion using four DACs per channel delivers the very finest audio quality.
  • Premium aluminum die cast CD tray provides the best handling of music discs.


  • Disc Formats: SACD, CD, MP3, WMA
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Analog Audio Outputs:
    • 2VRMS (Fixed Unbalanced)
    • 4VRMS (Fixed Balanced)
    • 8VRMS (Variable Unbalanced)
    • 16VRMS (Variable Balanced)
  • Frequency Response:
    • SACD: 4Hz-40kHz +0.5dB/-2dB
    • CD: 4Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB
  • Dynamic Range: 100dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:
    • SACD: 0.0025%
    • CD: 0.0015%
  • High Drive Headphone Amplifier: All headphones, from 20 to 600 Ohms
  • Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 44.5cm x 15.3cm x 48.3cm
  • Weight: 12.7kg
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